Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Here's My Next Process

The one thing I think I remembered from my first business school class was being instructed not to seek to find a solution, just present a scenario. I believe the ideology behind this was similar to what we called in my dance choreography courses, the creative process.

Process. I love this word. Steps being made, tracks being laid out, constant forward motion, and an endless road stretching into the horizon (sort of like those perspective drawings they make you practice in beginning drawing classes, where the end of the road becomes a little dot) come to my mind. I've always believed that most of the learning you gain from an experience, a project, collaboration, or any life landmark comes from the process of getting there, not necessarily in the end result. It is very common that we forget this in our deadline-driven, data-overloaded, Monday to Friday world. Always relish and be present for the process.

So, with this in mind, I'm not hurriedly applying to new programs or new jobs. I want to know exactly what it takes to make a person say, "fuck it, I can do better by myself." As one of my mentors (and business superwoman told me), sometimes you learn more by just doing than sitting in a classroom.  What better way to be inspired, connect, and directly gain wisdom about what saying "fuck it" cost and what it gained?

I'm going to go directly to the sources: entrepeneurs, grassroots organizations, co-ops, and local small businesses. I'm going to talk with some of the key players or even the founders, and ask them why they said "fuck it" and how they feel about it now. And hopefully, I'll get a sense of how it is that they're making their new choice work.

Choice. That's another great word.

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