Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Energy Efficiency

This morning I had a very insightful, and timely conversation with a client, considering over half of my brain power has been going to this potential consulting business.

I talked to Gary, rushing in between a meeting and a consultation on his ranch. It was before 9am.

Gary has been a client of ours for a few years, and barely makes a peep throughout the year. He has a beautiful venue that he manages and rents himself.

He told me about his first wedding hosted at his home ranch: $300 total. He said they didn't know what they were doing, but they threw something together.

Now he charges $1,000 to $4,500 per wedding, Sunday and Frida/Saturdays respectively.

He's got a Google Ad word campaign, he's updated his website, he's got phones ringing, he's got a Facebook page, and he has 2 other projects for revenue he wants to work on. But he's too busy to brush his teeth some mornings. He's definitely too busy to update his ads where he's posted the ranch, and he's too busy to look at his Google Analytics report to actually know how this stuff he's paying for is working.

What is wrong with this picture?

Gary is not stupid, and he is by no means lazy. He's a hard-worker who loves to work for himself and loves to work with brides, but he seems to be dispersing his energy inefficiently and now doesn't really know:

a) how he got here, with a popular business.
b) how to stay here, without spending too much or losing too much.
c) what he can cut, or...
d) what to keep so he stays afloat and can grow. 

The wrong decision could be extremely costly and even be the undoing of all his hard work.

I wanted to give him more advice, but given my current position, I couldn't. I'm not here to tell him how to run his business. But dammit, I think I should. He is a person who is open to learning more, who loves what he does, and just needs to review his daily, weekly, and monthly outputs of energy. What tasks can he group together? Which could be streamlined? Which tasks actually matter, and which require a lot of effort for very little in return?

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