Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girl Crush

Today I'm combing to find presenters whose styles I like, and to get a sense of the arcs and flows of their speeches. How do they incorporate images? Is it overdone? Does it support what they have to say?

I found a couple that were cringe-worthy. The speakers were no doubt brilliant, but the images were not necessarily memorable, and there were plenty of "um's." Super distracting. Images should support the flow of your story, and they should be like memorable landmarks throughout the entire run.

Why am I so obsessed with the presentation? Because I know that how well I can state my points, how well I can speak about this, and how confident I appear can determine how far I can push my idea.

And here is someone who I think only relied on the minimal, necessary amount of images, and I still hung on to every word she had to say. She speaks like herself, not a newscaster, and yet her delivery is clear and strong. Not to mention, she's got awesome hair and is clearly incredibly smart.

I've never been good at speaking in a fake voice. I know I'm going to have to sound like me when I present, and sometimes I wish that weren't the case. I wish I could naturally sound like Connie Chung or maybe someone on Good Morning America (okay, that's pushing it), but that's not me. What is fascinating here is how Ariel is being completely transparent about who she is, and she's selling her points. It's hard not to be rapt by what someone is saying when their genuine, un-refined spirit comes directly through. This is what I'll be emulating.

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