Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giving a Gift

One of the things on my mind today, after waking up and immediately listening to a couple of podcasts featuring Seth Godin, is the idea of giving more of yourself to your service or product in a way that is readable to your clients. I'm thinking of different ways my business plan can incorporate this ideology.

How funny that right after listening to about an hour's worth of extremely dense and informative Sethiness, that I checked my personal email account to see a special offer from a small company that I believe has grown because of the warm heart and gift-giving of its founder, Carol's Daughter.

Yes, I'm half-white and Asian, but I use Carol's Daughter products religiously. But I'm someone who is sensitive to chemical fragrances yet loves natural perfumes and essential oils, and I love smelling like dessert. And now I love CD even more.

Her offer today? Pay $10 now for exclusive membership and receive 20% off any order today and 10% off any order for the rest of the year. That's really awesome!

Plus, I just love her personal story (see it here). Lisa's a lot like the women I work with. I think she would also say, "never sacrifice who you are or what your standards are to do what you love." It'll come back to you threefold, for better or for worse.

So now... what do I give to my customers?

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