Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Giving up the Baby

This week is one of the toughest weeks for me in regard to this project. It's the last week before the deadline, but it's not that I'm rushing to get everything done. I often am finished (or more or less ready with a very rough draft) well ahead of the deadline. It's that this time when I want to refine and perfect my presentation of the project is also a very dangerous time, because it's easy to start doubting what I'm doing (hello, Lizard Brain!) and to want to redo certain key aspects.

Sure, some refinement is fine (like completely deleting one of my potential pricing packages because it frankly was not going to be profitable enough!). But what I learned in my dance choreography training back in the day is that this is the point at which you need to let go and trust the process that brought you to this point.

This is when my Lizard Brain goes into full force. It wakes up, flicks its tongue, and darts its head around to find anything it can call stupid, useless, foolish.

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