Monday, January 16, 2012

Guiding Questions for Week #2 of THE PROJECT

I'm laying out the plans for an effective, engaging presentation that will not only have pictures of hot shirtless men for when I see the audience's eyes glaze over, but will have an evocative and grabbing message.

As I'm writing out this outline, or storyboard, as it were (go grab a copy of "Resonate" by Nancy Duarte), I'm pondering these questions from Seth GODin's video on TED. In this segment, he discusses his theory on how to stand out to the right people. Doing this conveys your message and your story to the people who care, connecting your business (point A) to those most likely to give a shit, pay money for your service, and tell more people about it (point B).

One: Whose status quo are you upsetting?

Two: Who are you connecting with your message?

Three: Who are you leading through your mission?

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