Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How I'm Handling the Freakout, with Pancakes.

That's right, "I'm makin' pancakes. Ladies love me!"

So, yes. As I mull things over and let some thoughts percolate, I'm making pancakes. Almost as good as this guy's, but I'm afraid that my pancakes aren't as pretty. I'm using a very healthy version with buckwheat, whole wheat flour, and low fat milk. So mine aren't that pretty. They're amorphous and the batter's tough to work with. But each one gets better and better.

And then I realized, this is how ideas come. You make the first pancake, or what I always call "the sacrificial pancake." It sucks. But you have to try it, you have to make that first awful pancake. Just like you sometimes just have to start coming up with ideas.

Soon, the griddle is more evenly-heated. The batter seems to have gelled better. Everything starts to come together, from this same place you started.

So I'm trying to tell myself that as far-flung as some of my plans for this new company are, they're going to gel together. My brain griddle will be more evenly-heated with more use, and the idea will gel together.

And I'm not even posting one picture of these ugly-ass pancakes.

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