Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keeping The Overhead Down

Thought of the day:

What if this company didn't pay for office space for the first 6 months as a means to keep overhead down in the first 12 months? This would keep our profit margin higher and make it easier to make up the $50,000 > it took to start up.

Perhaps this time could be even more stretched out if it seems to be an effective means.

I spent some time today reading about small businesses that operate completely from home offices, therefore bypassing any office rent, which cuts their annual spendings by large amounts. Several of them found that when they did have offices, they went to them maybe once a month.

Hmm. This could be some excess fat I can trim from this plan. And I'm all about simplifying. In fact, that's what this whole company is going to be about.

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