Friday, January 20, 2012

Reeling it in

Yesterday was just off. The weather was moody, I couldn't control my own moods, and my brain felt overworked for the first time in ages. I've written, read, and thought very intensely over the last couple of weeks.

Creativity needs to ebb and flow. I've just spat out so much content, and now it's time for me to pull back and assess what I have. This is where the refinement takes place, and interestingly enough, the things I need to do in order to hone in, perfect, and chisel all of the ideas and theories I've expounded feel good and natural.

I'm sketching, visualizing, interpreting, analyzing now. It's good, quieter work. It's helping me rope in my ideas, put them in the right places, and make sure that everything is stated with bright clarity.

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