Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thought of the day: don't pretend to be perfect

It's okay to not be perfect, and I think it can be okay to let your clients know this. This doesn't necessarily have to break their trust. Instead, it can strengthen it.

Hear me out.

When HCTG launched a brand new section, we approached the clients involved and straight-forwardly told them, "We're still learning. We hope you can help us learn and make this better for you, too." 

Boom. The fear of being sold something evaporated. I could actually hear the client relax and feel their openness through the phone line. They felt like they were active participants in this process, like their opinions and beings mattered.

Can this be something I can transfer to a consultation service for small businesses? Yes, I'll guide you. No, I don't know everything. But I'm here, giving you my all, my heart, and my compassion, and we'll help you  find your way to your best.

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