Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What has me FREAKED OUT

Accounting and financing for this bad boy. Fuck.

I spent all day yesterday dreaming and spouting more ideas and details about this dream company and went to bed high on all the adrenaline. But today, I'm looking at the hard and cold reality. I need to make a balance sheet. I need to plan out how this company will be profitable.

So what can I do?

I'm going to read the relics from my graduate school. I have several resources on accounting and financing for new businesses.

I'm going to learn how to wrangle Excel in my favor. I'd like to have a nice spreadsheet for my end presentation. I'm probably going to have to ask my (dun dun dun) mother for help on this. But this is her expertise, so I should learn to bite the bullet and ask. I'm sure that no one ever wants to ask their mom for help on a venture that's supposed to make you feel more independent, but maybe humility is a lesson to be learned here, as well.

I'm going to ask other small business owners how they tackled these tough questions.

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